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  • Installation for Windows.
    • Install Visual Studio 2012 for Desktop
    • Unpack Riccsson.System and open the Solution file OR
    • Create a new C++ Project and include the libs and header files.
  • Installation for Android.


  • C# Garbage Collection vs C++
    • Riccsson.System dont have any Garbage Collection. It has only a shared pointer called GC_PTR<ClassName> that will wrap a ordinary C# class instance.
    • In C# you just create an instance like this: MyClass instance = new MyClass();
      In Riccsson.System in C++ you would do: GC_PTR<MyClass> instance = new MyClass();
      And it will be destroyed directly when it is out of scope and is no referenced else where.
    • Be carefully with circulated references. There you will get memory leak.
  • C# Properties vs C++
    • Riccsson.System will have support for properties that is MACRO:fied.
  • C# events vs C++
    • Riccsson.System will have support for Events and delegate declerations.
  • C# Libraries vs C++
    • Riccsson.System will have all the base libraries like List, Dictionary, FileStream, Thread
      with properties and events close similar as C#




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